Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Phases 2 and 3

My energy level has continued unabated. It's weeks like this that give me hope that I haven't degenerated into a useless slug. I'm hoping I get all this housework done soon before I crash and burn. I'd like to get some crafting done here in the near future while it lasts.

Sunday I finally hauled the ladder out and cleaned off the gutters. I have screens on them, but the pine needles collect on top and it was beginning to look to the casual passersby that I had a thatched roof. I cleared the resultant mess off the decks and rearranged the plants that had been huddled against the wall against the late cold snap of last week.

I went to the grocery store and when I got back, cleared the jumble out of the pantry and restored it to order. I plopped a brisket into the Crock Pot so I wouldn't have to cook every night this week.

I walked dogs, and then we did something extraordinary. We took a nap. I never take naps anymore. It was delicious. We all piled into the big red chair, started a movie on the tv, pulled an afghan over us and dozed for almost two hours.

My aunt, uncle and cousin stopped by on their way home and we had a nice visit and then I puttered for the rest of the evening.

I figured that Monday evening I would be back to normal. I'm always tired after commuting 110 miles round trip and putting up with lawyers all day. But, I surprised myself. I got home and went into phase III.

After enjoying my Crock Pot brisket, I swept and mopped the kitchen, the dining room, the guest bathroom and the front hall. It's a miracle. Has to be to get me to willingly pick up a mop. I folded the last of the laundry I had done on Sunday evening.

I sat down to visit with the dogs and took another nap.

Crossing my fingers this lasts for awhile.


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