Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Phase 1

What a day. I said I was going to take it easy this weekend because of the hip, but it felt so much better this morning that I started puttering around the house.

First I changed the sheets, one of those jobs I hate doing, so I decided to get it over with early.

Next I started on the cabinet in the utility room which has been a horror ever since we moved in. I worked on it an hour, putting questionably hazardous things in a box to drop off somewhere next week. (How is it that every can of ant poison I buy ends up with a tablespoon left in the bottom and pushed to the back of the cabinet?) I changed the litter box. I did two loads of laundry. I finally decided I had had enough of that room and will tackle the second cabinet next time.

I cleaned the guest bathroom. I detest cleaning bathrooms, which is the third most hated household chore on my list right after changing the sheets and mopping the floors.

Unfortunately I can't have any guests right now to appreciate my efforts because before I knew what I was doing, I was working on THE CLOSET. This is the walk-in closet in Mother's bedroom that has been the dumping ground for all things that have no other place to reside and that I have not yet made up my mind whether to eject from the house.

I have dragged out furniture, computer components, my old spinning wheel (I am going to get that thing put back together or know the reason why), all the photograph albums, and piles and piles of blankets and pillows. All of it is piled around the bedroom in various stages of sorting and it may sit there until next weekend before I work up enough steam to tackle the next stage of deciding what to do with it.

Before I totally collapsed, I rounded up the dogs and gave them baths because they both found something deliciously smelly in the yard this morning and joyfully rolled in it until they were pee-yew stinky. No way was I letting them in my freshly made bed without a thorough cleaning.

In amongst all this, we spent the better part of two hours knitting on my Noro scarf while dogs napped beside me.

Most weekends I get absolutely nothing done. Then Spring arrives and gives me inspiration. Which leads to perspiration and exhaustion.

I think it's time for a nice bubble bath, a little liquid refreshment, and an evening in front of the television with my knitting in my lap and my dogs snoozing beside me.

Better rest now because heaven only knows what I'll get into tomorrow.


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