Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hitch in My Getalong

The good news is that I was fine for the duration of the trip. I had a little trouble sleeping, but that's normal when I'm in a strange bed. All in all, there were no problems while I was out of town.

The bad news is that shortly after I arrived home Monday evening my hip slipped out of alignment as it is wont to do from time to time and I've been in pain ever since. I can't sit, stand or lie down without hurting. I already had a chiropractic appointment set for today, so I've been gritting my teeth and counting the hours until I can get the thing put back into place. T-minus two hours and 12 minutes to go.

The furry kids are beginning to settle down and get back into routine. They are still a little put out with me, but one of the four will crawl into my lap every time I sit down and give me that "please don't leave me again" look. I haven't got the heart to tell them that I have another brief trip coming up in about a month. They might stuff me into a closet and refuse to let me out.

Is there any doubt who is running the show around here?


1 comment:

MiniKat said...

No doubts in my mind. Our fuzzy kids do the same thing to us. Hope the hip gets better soon!