Sunday, February 22, 2009

Way Too Early for Sunday

I had intended to get up earlier this morning anyway. But then I ended up working for the office last night and tired myself out, so I wasn't moving very fast when I got up at 6:30 a.m. The dogs and I took their morning constitutional up and down the block and then I sat staring stonily at the computer until I could face going into the kitchen and trying to find something in there I can have for breakfast. It's always a challenge and I had gone and let myself run out of my breakfast material.

Then I heard a weird buzzing sound. I wandered around the house trying to get a fix on its location. It wasn't the car alarm coming from the garage. It wasn't the smoke detectors. It wasn't the little heater I keep in Mother's bedroom, but the sound was sure a lot louder in there. The light finally dawned and I stepped out on the deck and looked down the side of the house and, sure enough, the sewer pump alarm was going full blast with red light and annoying buzz. Wonderful. I am probably not the favored neighbor of the poor folks who live on that side of me, because there is no shutting it up until it's ready to shut up on its own or somebody disconnects it from its power source.

The good news is that I no longer have to put in a desperation call to the septic service people. Now it is the problem of the Water District, so I looked up their phone number and started someone else's Sunday way too early. I hesitated to shower or start laundry or any other water intensive activity until I knew if I had a real problem or not, so we piddled around and made a cup of hot tea and some dry toast and waited.

About an hour later I realized the buzzing had stopped. Naturally, this was just before the Water District truck arrived. Fortunately, my pump has a history with them, so he believed me, ran the tests on the pump and, yes, there was something going on, swapped out the pump and took off. All this by 8:30 a.m. Not my idea of the way to start a Sunday.

So much for the early morning chores I had planned. I've got to clock in for the office again here in a little while, so those will just have to wait for a window of opportunity later on.

However, the hour I waited afforded me the opportunity to go through another photo album and find some additional treasures that I haven't yet scanned. So I did get something accomplished. Just no laundry and no grocery run I had planned. Oh, well.



RMG said...

When we lived in the country in Ashwood, a guy down the road had his pump go he disconected from the tank and ran it all out in the pasture as a permanent thing... Glad I'm not his neighbor...can you say bad ground water? A tad bit illegal.

LSW said...