Sunday, February 01, 2009

Remembering Fancy

A few days ago I posted an essay Mother wrote about a little dog who once ruled our lives for eleven years. You can read it over on the Mother's Words blog. Fancy was a humdinger of a dog and we still compare some of her antics to those of our current dictators.

Fancy, front, with Penny behind.
Fancy liked to join the family at meals
and would sleep on a pillow in a chair while we ate.

This morning I spent a good hour prowling through the storage closet in Mother's bedroom, seeking an old photo album. It wasn't until I had convinced myself it was not in the closet and it was not in the antique dresser where I keep family memorabilia (another half-hour of fruitless searching) that I discovered that at some point I had put the album on the bookshelf. And I still haven't found the photo I was trying to locate, so my searching is not over.

In the process, however, I have located a lot of old photos that I had not seen for a mighty long time. It will call for some scanning sessions to get more of these family treasures converted to digital format and you will probably be seeing a lot of them in coming days, here and on Building Blocks.

But, to get back to my original purpose for this post, I found some additional photos of Fancy hiding in the piles and piles of photos taken at the Renaissance Faire (you'd think we would have had enough photos of mud-eaters and belly dancers after the first time we attended, but you would be wrong - I could wallpaper a room with Renaissance Faire pictures).

Another meal, another pillow.
(Yours truly in a slovenly state of mind.
Evidence of my hillbilly ancestry.)

There was not much that could fluster Fancy,
but the lovebird on the loose was one

Every morning of summer vacation, Fancy and Mother
would water the plants on the front porch and
then sit and watch the world go by on Walnut Street.

We have had many wonderful pets over the years and fortunately I have pictures of almost all of them to nudge my memory. Fancy came along before our conversion to the Rat Terrier religion. She might have been a chihuahua/toy Manchester mix, but her heart was all rat terrier. She was one special little dog.



RMG said...

Hey cousin, nice glasses!

LSW said...

Yep, just call me ole owl eyes. But smile when you say that, cuz I found some more pictures of you today....

RMG said...

I met Norman Frankum in the fishing aisle at Wal-Mart today. Nice guy. He said he has some more Frankum info to share with you, so give him a call. I might have a new fishing buddy...he only lives about half a mile from us.

RMG said...

If you have kid pics of me, please email them to me...Stacey is waiting with bated breath...she hasn't had a good laugh lately.

LSW said...

Norman's a good guy - treat him well! LSW