Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mumbling and Grumbling

I am way tired of coming home and finding yet ANOTHER phone book tossed in my yard. Why all the phone books? Aside from the fact that I despise the phone to begin with, one phone book from my phone provider is all I require. I do not need a regular size yellow pages, a reduced size yellow pages, a regional phone book, a phone book on CD, or a loaded with local ads phone book. If I want a number, odds are I will head to the Internet and let Google do the walking. Enough already with the phone books. The last two have gone straight into the recycle bin. They would have looked much nicer as a tree.

I am glad my job does not require me to stand out beside the road wearing a Statue of Liberty getup and wave to the folks driving by. These poor souls are out there in fair weather and foul, in the rain, the sleet and freezing temperatures. By the end of tax season, they are ready for anything. Including the intensive care ward. I feel for them. I would never use that tax service because my reaction is to duck and run the opposite direction. Any company that humiliates and tortures their employees in such a manner is not a company with which I want to do business.

I discovered today that the nice little independent local coffee shop has expired. It was to be expected, I guess. They did well to last a year after Starbucks took up residence in town. Starbucks + a crashing economy = the little guys are run into the ground. Sad. They were nice folks and they made good lattes.

The first sign of Spring has arrived. The lilting music of the teenage driver blasting up and down the street. My kingdom for a series of speed bumps on this block.

Thank heavens for the unbroken woods behind the house and the steady stream of customers at the bird feeders. When I can't take the teenagers any longer, I go to the back of the house and study the chickadees, the gold and red finches, the titmice, the lone woodpecker, the fat squirrel butts. There's always a smile to be found there.



MiniKat said...

I almost wish we had an extra phone once in a while. They are great entertainment for a nibbling bunny. After the rabbit is done with it, the remains go to the recycling center.

RMG said...

"They would have looked much nicer as a tree."

Ain't that the truth?

We also have multiple directories. Windstream, Golden Gulf Coast Directory, Sweeny, and maybe one other. All the numbers are the same....go figure....