Saturday, February 14, 2009


First of all, I could not decide what to do with myself today. The cool front brought in enough rain to discourage dog walks and outdoor chores. I didn't feel like reading or knitting or watching tv. (Much to Mojo's displeasure. He was wishing for a nice long nap in Mom's lap.)

I ran my one necessary errand - to pick up a prescription - and on the way made a volunteer photo trip to the big cemetery on the hill. That was fun, but it did not take long and it was back to the house and twiddling my thumbs again.

I'm beginnning to get back into the genealogy mode, but that wasn't satisfying me today. (I did find my footloose Dr. Hodge in yet another Texas county today, which was VERY satisfying.)

I tried prowling EBAY. Nope.

I tackled framing a photo for which I had made a special trip to Hobby Lobby last week to get a frame and a mat and discovered quickly that I had bought the wrong sized mat for the frame. Grr.

I finally decided when all else fails - cook. I had all the makings for a big pot of stew, and there's nothing that calms my nerves better than a lot of chopping and mincing and stirring and tasting. Since Mother can't really handle eating soup anymore, I also put together a meat loaf, using a new recipe. It wasn't long before I had the house smelling really, really good.

Of course that doesn't always mean the food will be fit to eat.

However, the taste test for the stew rendered the verdict umm, umm good! I was glad, because I really don't care for meat loaf.

But, the taste test for the meat loaf was also umm, umm good.

I'm back to indecision. Which do I eat tonight?

I suspect I will have a bit of both. Along with the fruit salad I made (more chopping and mixing). And best of all - leftovers tomorrow!


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