Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not Invisible

I took some ribbing when I featured my red shoes in a post awhile back. But, I will have you know, they do get you noticed.

Yesterday I had lunch at Cracker Barrel and was browsing the gift area for a few minutes afterwards. A saleslady came across to admire my red shoes. She had pretty good eyes, because I was wearing my wide-legged black pants and there wasn't a whole lot of shoe showing.

Today I went to Toyota to get my 10,000 mile oil change and tire rotation and decided to indulge in a vanilla latte. (Toyota has a Starbucks kiosk just off their waiting area. Who could ask for anything more?) I was wearing my other pair of red shoes and was just standing there waiting when another customer zoomed in to admire my skirt and "pretty red shoes".

It's always a little lift to get an unexpected compliment from a total stranger. To get two in as many days is quite nice.

Many times when I am in a bit of a slump and looking for a distraction to remind me that there are things in life other than work drudgery and caregiving, I will take myself to a department store or a mall at lunch, to browse and observe others. I've noticed many times that on such occasions I quite often get involved in an unexpected conversation with a stranger that turns out to be a highlight of the day. I blame my guardian angel for inspiring me to get out of the rut and go somewhere different and remind myself that I'm still me.

Perhaps all our guardian angels are buzzing around and working together to nudge their charges not only to get out of their boring, depressing ruts, but also to make contact with other human beings, letting them know they are not invisible and that something about them has stood out and been noticed.

I believe in guardian angels. These kinds of things always happen when I'm tired and depressed and need a small bit of confirmation that I matter.

Watch and see if it doesn't happen for you, too.



RMG said...

For me, it's my heart-boxers. I get lots of compliments on my boxers when I show them off in public. Just kidding of course.
Of course you matter, I always look forward to reading your blog..... and who would scratch the yeller cat? And the doggies think you're special too... especially when it's chow time.

bettye said...

I need some red shoes!BKP

Victoria said...

I'm logging on to ZAPPOS right now to search for red shoes!