Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stacks of Wax

This Saturday morning has found us walking down memory lane. One of my stops at Half Price Books during the Christmas frenzy netted me a collection of "moldy oldies" and I am thoroughly enjoying listening and singing along. A lot of the songs in the collection were to be found in my father's collection of LPs back in the Sixties and they are old friends. Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, Rosemary Clooney, Johnny Ray, Dean Martin, Doris Day and many others.

Mother said when I was a baby I would "dance" to Bing Crosby and Teresa Brewer. There's no Bing Crosby here, but two songs by Teresa Brewer found me bopping around the kitchen with the dogs looking on askance. She might not have been the best singer, but I sure like the beat and I guess I always have.

Once again I am pondering the possibility of getting in the back of the closet and hauling out the half-dozen boxes of vinyl LPs to see what all is there that I've forgotten. I'm hoping the feeling will pass before I do so. I've managed not to start any messy projects while I've been off and that closet is not something I should tackle with less than two days left of vacation. Maybe this summer...maybe by then that turntable that turns vinyl into digital will come down a little in price.

In the meantime, I will probably wear this 3-CD set out. Belafonte, Gogi Grant and The Four Lads in the background has a relaxing effect on me.



dwilcoxen said...

I assume the Gogi Grant is "Wayward Wind?" I remember that album with the colored circles on it. It had a version of "Jambalaya" by somebody on it that I liked, too. I have the Johnny Cash records, and "Sun's Greatest Hits" with the Newberry's (Capitol Plaza) sticker still on it.

LG said...

I remember those! I recently inherited guardianship of a boxful of old 45's. Not that I need to go out and rustle up other folk's trash, but I couldn't let them get set out for the garbage collector. They belonged to the grandfather on "the other side" so maybe someday the grands will want them. Or maybe I should just sell them on eBay and retire!! Right.