Monday, January 26, 2009

Genetic Weakness

Speaking of Hodge genealogy, there is a marked genetic weakness in us Hodge descendants.

We are suckers for yellow cats.

So, here for my Hodge cousins, is my yellow cat collection:

Boo was actually fascinated with this photo project. For awhile, anyway. Then he got bored.

Just thought you might like a chance to see what cat tonsils look like. Shortly after this shot, he started knocking the figurines over and chewing on their tails.

Boo thinks my yellow cat collection should consist of one.



MiniKat said...

No miniature yellow cats? Perhaps Boo would be more impressed with a 1:12 size version.

LSW said...

Oh, yes, I have at least 4 mini yellow cats waiting for their place in a vignette. I didn't think about them when I was posing this scene. Probably for the best. Boo would probably have destroyed them.

RMG said...