Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to Our Regular Programming

Three cheers! I escaped the house and made it through a whole day at work today. Still some stuffiness in my head, but I am beginning to rapidly improve in the energy department. I concede I will probably live over the nasty little cold bug of 2009.

Of course the weather had to take another 180 degree shift on my first day out. Over the weekend it was getting to highs of almost 80. Today as I was commuting in, the first wave of the cold front arrived. When I drove into Elgin this morning, my car thermometer showed it was 63 degrees. By the time I had traveled the 2 or 3 miles to the turn north and exited Elgin, it was 45 degrees and by lunchtime it was in the 30s. With ice predicted generally over the area tonight, it looks like I will be housebound again tomorrow. At least this time, unless I relapse overnight, I can enjoy the time off.

I did find one silver lining in the clouds of sickness. I made a run to WalMart on Sunday afternoon to replenish my supply of cough drops and cold medicine. It was eerily quiet. Between my hearing loss and the early shutdown of their bakery and the general melancholia of the post-Christmas shoppers, it was the first time I wasn't grumpy when I left. A first time for everything.


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