Sunday, December 14, 2008

Taking the Tour, Part 2

I'm still fascinated with the beauty of the house I visited yesterday. My mind remembers so vividly its decrepit state thirty years ago. The front of the house was all you could see from the street and I never knew how much more of the house there was unseen. One wall of the house displays five or six photos of the "before" version and the contrast of then and now is amazing.

The rear extension was a shambles, according to those photos. Big holes gaped along its length.

The addition at the end is new and holds the master suite. The house has a basement that has been converted into a game room and den and includes a working vintage jukebox and a glass panel that once lived in the old Miley pharmacy. The Miley family was one of the early owners of the house. The walls of the basement are the stone foundation and the floor was originally dirt, but was converted to concrete during the renovation.

The back yard contained a type of swing I've always admired in old movies. I have no idea what to call this style, but it always reminds me of southern gardens where ladies in big hats and flowing gowns could sit and enjoy the sultry outdoors while sipping freshly made lemonade.

This is a gorgeous property. I overheard a couple of visitors yesterday talking and one remarked that she would love to acquire an old house. The other was shocked and couldn't believe she would want to take on such a project.

Sure, it would be a lot of work. But if you could afford to do it, the results could be wonderful. One just needs to win the lottery. Or marry rich.


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