Friday, December 12, 2008

Little Boy Blue

Mr. Mojo has not had a good week and this morning was the straw that broke his little rat terrier's back. After several months had passed with no seizure, this morning he was barely awake before one hit him hard. Mom sat and held him until it had passed, while big sis Coco hovered close by, worrying. He stuck close by me while I dressed for work, giving me the super guilts for daring to leave him when he had been through such a trauma. So we got Goldie to sit down and let him cuddle with her while I slipped out of the house.

A couple of days ago it was pretty darned cold when we were headed out for our daily walk and I decided to put sweaters on them. We've tried putting t-shirts on them from time to time and Coco doesn't really mind it, but Mojo thinks wearing clothes stinks. Still, it was really cold and since Mom was cold, the babies needed to wear sweaters.

We lasted about half a block before I gave up and stripped them down to their birthday suits right there in public. I would tug on the leash and they would walk a few steps, stiff-legged and reproachful. Coco was willing to try it a bit longer, but Mojo said nuthin' doin', get this #*@& thing off me! If they get pneumonia, it's not my fault.

Earlier this week my laptop bit the dust, so I've not had the option to work upstairs at night. This has not set well with Mojo, because he likes to go to bed about 8:30. I've learned I can sometimes go ahead and put him to bed and, if I turn on the television set, he seems to think that Mom will be coming to bed soon and he is content to snuggle into the covers and crash. Last night I wanted to work on the computer, so I put him to bed and all went well for about an hour until he woke up and realized Mom had never come to bed. He set up a howl and a half, which sets Coco off in sympathy howls. One of these days the police are going to land on my porch when the neighbors report me for dog abuse. You would think I was skinning them alive when they start the howling fits.

It's just not easy being a little dog with a tyrant's heart. We are hoping things go better for the little guy next week.


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