Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dog Days

The wee ones love it when Mom is on vacation, even if she leaves them behind while she runs around. They know there is the possibility she will be coming in earlier than usual and she's generally up for a little extra romping in the side yard.

Today's plan was minimal - get a massage first thing this morning. It's been a long time since I was on a regular massage schedule and I figured I was long overdue. Plus, my back has been killing me and I know the therapist I currently see is very good at getting the tension worked out of it.

By 10:30 this morning I was a puddle of warm satisfaction. I was so woozy afterwards that I could barely drive home. The girl is good at what she does. I dropped in at the house just long enough to log into the office network and do a little spot of work that couldn't wait until next week, then decided to get the few errands done that were on my list and get back home for a nap.

A little after noon, the dogs and I climbed back into bed, pulled the covers over our heads and slept a solid 90 minutes. I hardly ever take a nap, so this was a happy surprise for the wee ones.

When we woke up, I offered to take them for their afternoon walk a little early and they were delighted. As we were climbing the hill on the dirt road to our south, I caught a glimpse of something running in the neighbor's back yard. Fearful that there was a dog running loose, I scooped mine up as a precaution. We walked a few more steps and a large deer bounded out of the neighbor's yard, glanced our way, and dashed off into the woods across the road. This was about as close as the dogs had ever been to a deer and they were paralyzed with delight. Nothing would do but that we trail after him a ways into the wood in hopes they would see him again. But he was long gone.

An early supper and back to bed. It's been a good day to be a dog.


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