Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Fever

It's already started. The crowds are in the stores and the merchandise is on display. I do precious little Christmas shopping outside the Internet these days, but there is still the need to pick up a few things and so I go out scouting.

And I come back with stuff for me.

My latest buying spree was set into motion by the trip to Dallas when I spotted a dollhouse that reminded me of the tin-lithographed dollhouses of the 1950s. Except those were about half-scale and this one is full 1/12th scale and is made of something that is more like wood, though I'm sure it's not. The lithographed flooring and wallpaper and fish-scale shingles pulled at me. I stoically denied myself and left it behind.

Well, it turns out you can order the thing on Amazon and it's a heckuva lot cheaper there. I added it to my wishlist and pondered whether I really needed ANOTHER dollhouse. I watched it for a couple of weeks as it hovered just under the amount that I considered a good buy. I kept the internal debate going. Then I realized that I NEEDED a Bed & Breakfast for my street of shops and this would do the trick. I already had all the furniture that would be needed to outfit such an establishment in my stash.

I continued to argue with myself and it got closer to Christmas and my will power began to waver.

Then over the weekend, the price took a $20 jump. I growled under my breath and beat myself about the head and shoulders for not ordering the thing when I had the chance for a good deal. But, I said to myself, I must not be supposed to have it. Forget about it, I said. Good riddance, I said. Get a life, I said.

Monday evening I checked on it and it had dropped $37 dollars. That made it about 40% off the original retail price and anytime I can swing a deal like that, I'm a gonner.

It's scheduled to arrive on Monday.


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