Saturday, October 18, 2008

You Can Go Home Again

Big Red had its first official road trip today. It carried brother David, sis-in-law Karen, and myself to Smiley. Home. David and I had to tour the town and visit all our old haunts. We drove the entire town (took about 20 minutes), reminding ourselves of who lived where; peeking in the windows of the High School library where I spent so many hours; checking out the front and back sides of our old house beside the church; debating where exactly the old train depot had stood back in our days; and surprising old friend Thelma while she was having lunch at the grocery. (We copped a couple of strong hugs there.)

The prodigals at the local grocery

The Smiley water tower

I discovered a new landmark that I did not know had been established. The Pat Manford Memorial Rest Area, located under a massive oak tree, has picnic tables and a shady spot for lunch. Pat Manford was a Smiley landmark back during our time there and I hear he used to nap in a little building located under this tree.

We weren't just visiting. We came back to bury our father's ashes in his final resting place, at the Baptist (Old Smiley) Cemetery on Yorktown road. It was a beautiful day. We came home for a visit. Our father came home to stay.


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