Friday, October 03, 2008

Red Shoes

I need shoes like I need a hole in the head. However, yesterday I went to Beall's to check on jackets for the fall because I had a couple of 25% off coupons. I did not find a jacket I liked(apparently boxy is in at the moment), so I decided to check for a pair of brown heels. I have beige heels, navy heels, red heels, bone heels, black heels, bronze heels and green heels, but somehow I had not acquired a pair of brown heels.

The only pair that might have suited was not available in my size, but at the end of the counter was a pair of bright red pumps that caught my eye. They were on sale and, with the coupon, were ridiculously cheap. So what if I already had 3 pair of red shoes, plus a pair of red boots. A girl can always use another pair of red shoes.

I am reminded of a time a few years back when I was headed to the funeral of my great-aunt Ruby. As we were leaving the house to drive to Wharton, one of our group remarked on the fact that I was wearing red high heels to a funeral. "Of course," I said, "I'm wearing them for my Aunt O." I was given a quizzical look, but the subject was dropped.

My Aunt O, sister to Ruby, always had a love of bright and vivid colors and was especially partial to pink and red. Everyone else in the family always paled next to Aunt O. I, too, love bright colors. I, too, like to stand apart from the crowd.

To make a short story long, when we arrived at the cemetery, my Aunt O was there wearing a pair of bright red shoes. No one that knew us considered it inappropriate apparel for the occasion.

The Sisterhood of the Red Shoes.


P.S. See today's entry over on Building Blocks for a reminder of Aunt O's love of pink.

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