Saturday, October 04, 2008

Part of the Herd

It was a gorgeous day today, a perfect setting for the annual Cattlemen for Cancer Research auction in Hills Prairie that benefits the U. T. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. There was a crowd of about 500 milling about, enjoying the music and the free barbecue. A silent auction was the focus of the early part of the day (a second silent auction ended the day). I managed to snag an autographed book, but was quickly outbid on another book and the basket of handspun mohair I had my eye on.

At the end of the first silent auction and before the big cattle auction, presentations were made and notable people were introduced. My aunt and her sister-in-law watched the proceedings from a shady vantage point (front row center). I parked myself on a hay bale nearby.

Cousin Lisa was part of the recognized survivors group (middle of the 3 ladies on the right).

The folks who are behind the event gathered for a group photo.

The general store was manned by my uncle and their friend Charlene while the presentations were being made.

And at two o'clock, the big cattle auction was getting ready to take off. I watched the first heifer get bought and sold and donated back and bought and sold and donated back and bought and sold a third time and at that point decided that it seemed it was going to be a long afternoon at the auction barn. It would have been fun to stay and watch, but today I had to get other things done and had to leave.

It's an interesting event and it's for a good cause. The mood is upbeat, everyone is there to enjoy themselves and raise money for cancer research. Doctors and scientists mingle with ranchers, and cancer survivors mingle with the craftsmen who donated items for the auctions. It is a day to feel good and to do good. Everyone did.


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lkp said...

I know I have sent you a message that I sent this entry to some of the other CCR committee members. I contine to get feed back on what a great enty this is and how much they appreciate it. One lady that sent me a message today called it a "great tribute" to the event.