Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rain, Rain, Marvelous Rain

You can thank me for the rain today. Yesterday I finally received my Obama/Biden bumper sticker I ordered weeks ago and decided that I needed to rinse the car before I attached it. So I went to the car wash and as soon as I got home, the clouds opened up and it's been raining ever since.

Nevertheless, the bumper sticker was applied and now the Prius looks more like mine than ever. I had been getting some ribbing at the office because I still had my old Kerry/Edwards sticker on the bumper of the Explorer. Initially I was waiting for Obama to announce his running mate and then, the Obama/Biden stickers were hard to come by. Until the new sticker came, I didn't want anyone to mistake me for having voted for the current administration, so the old sticker had remained in place.

Now I'm back to being the odd gal out at the office. There are a few other renegades on the payroll, but most are quiet about their politics. Not me. In fact tomorrow I start taking my cup of coffee in a "PROUD DEMOCRAT 2008" thermal cup. (Found them on clearance yesterday.)

The rain hasn't slowed the squirrels down. I looked out awhile ago and lady squirrel was sitting and munching, drenched but happy.

So glad to see the rain I don't even resent that the car wash lasted all of 2 hours. My poor pines are panting and looking more and more haggard. I'll be happy to wash my car again if it means they get a good, long drink.

I'm still ecstatic with the new car, by the way. I've finished reading all the manuals now and while I still have to stop and think about what to push or pull when, I'm getting better at it all the time. And my last fill-up? $28 and I had driven 450 miles.


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