Saturday, October 25, 2008


I stockpile stuff, which is no surprise to anyone who knows me.

To that end, I generally have one or two extras of certain staples. For instance, boxes of garbage bags, ziplocs, and Cascade or bags of toilet tissue and paper towels. I always have at least one bottle of laundry detergent in reserve.

When Goldie went to get the extra bottle of detergent the other day, she discovered that it had a pinhole crack in the bottom and when she picked it up, it suddenly gushed out. When she mentioned it, I figured there would be a small puddle underneath the bottle and I would clean it up later. I told her to pour the detergent into the old bottle and voila, case closed.

Ha. I have been working on another garage purge this morning and got around to checking on the detergent leak. I was horrified to discover that concentrated liquid detergent had been seeping out of the cracked bottle for heaven only knows how long. Probably since I brought it in and plopped it down on the step at the end of the garage. It had oozed across the step, down under the storage boxes where I keep my stationery collection (thank heavens that's all in plastic boxes), and had made its slippery way under a storage box of odd family heirlooms (which may have to be washed - I haven't had the heart to check inside yet) and had built up a crusty puddle of goo around the legs of a table. Fortunately it had not made its way far enough to affect the one piece of antique furniture that is currently stored in the garage.

Now the question is how on earth I'm going to get that mess cleaned up without making a bigger mess. Water is out of the question until I get the majority of it scraped up. I have no desire to find myself buried up to my armpits in suds. Where it has sat the longest, it has taken on the consistency of soft wax. Where it was sitting under plastic, it is slimy, blue gunk.

I have no energy whatsoever and I need to pack for a short trip next week and I have to pick up and de-clutter where little brother will be sleeping in my absence and now I have to attack a pile of glop.

I have the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.


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RMG said...

Use kitty litter.