Friday, September 12, 2008

Surprise Arrival

I guess they were trying to get as many of the new cars out of the path of the hurricane as they could. I got the call at 9 AM telling me that the new baby had arrived. I picked it up and drove it out of the show room about 2PM and am cautiously making its acquaintance.

It has a dashboard that would make the Starship Enterprise envious. I've got a lot of reading to do this weekend before I will have a clue how to turn on the navigation system, much less use it. The satellite radio is installed and I don't even know where the control for that is.

I did figure out how to track my gas consumption on the trip home. It is living up to expectations. My first commute averaged 46+ miles per gallon. Ahhhh.

It is home safe and sound and has taken up residence in the garage, where it will probably sit until Ike blows on past Bastrop.

I will probably spend part of my weekend sitting in it, looking at the manual and then looking at the dashboard and trying to figure out how to use everything.

I'm in love. Not one particle of buyer's remorse. I plan to be the little grey-haired lady buzzing around town in her little red hot rod and making everybody drool with envy.



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