Saturday, September 06, 2008

Slightly Less Scary

The count on the dollhouse books is in at a mere 108 volumes. This includes some fiction set in the vicinity of a dollhouse. It occurred to me when I encountered those that I have some fiction set in the atmosphere of fiber arts that did not make it into the official count in the needlework spreadsheet. There is a mystery series by Maggie Sefton that involves a nosy amateur detective who owns a yarn store and a series of novels by Debbie Macomber that involves a group of knitters who meet and knit together at a community yarn store. That will probably raise the count in the previous post by another dozen volumes or so.

In addition to the books, I have years of magazines - Nutshell News, Miniatures Showcase, Miniature Collector, American Miniaturist and Dollhouse Miniatures in the dollhouse category and Vogue Knitting, Knitters' Magazine, and Interweave Knits in the knitting category.

At one point I had this vision of one day owning a yarn store and maybe with a few miniatures thrown in, and all this collection would be available to give ideas to my customers. Alas, every time I really wanted to explore that option, the economy took a dive. Every time the economy looked like it might support such a venture, I was involved in other things. At this point it seems like it will never happen. My vast reference library exists for my pleasure alone.

As reference libraries go, I have one last frightening category that I don't think I am going to inventory. My huge bank of Texas history, Baylor history, assorted county histories from across the nation and genealogy reference books could never be big enough to scare me into slowing down the acquisition of volumes for that section. I'll just add more bookcases. Who needs empty walls?

I envision my elder years involving a lot of sitting in a large comfy chair, surrounded by books on the subjects I love.


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