Thursday, September 04, 2008


We all know by now that I am an incurable collector of certain items. But sometimes you get hit in the face with the realization that you have really slipped over the edge.

For years I have been accumulating a library of knitting and crocheting and handspinning books. For those of you who don't knit and crochet, just let me say that they are not cheap. For many, many years I bought selectively because of the high prices. And then I started frequenting Half-Price Books.

At half the original price, they are reasonable. Add in the slashed prices of publisher remainders and they are dirt cheap. I started picking up one or two every time I was in a Half-Price store. I didn't have time to really read them, but I told myself I was stocking up for a rainy day. As a result, it got where I couldn't remember what books I had and what books I didn't.

So, today I decided to rearrange the 3 shelves that hold my needlecraft books (and I'm talking books here - not pattern leaflets of which there are several crammed full bins stored in the garage). So long as I was pulling them out, I decided to build a spreadsheet so I could print out a list to take along on my book buying expeditions.

It was frightening. I have 250 books relating to knitting, crocheting and spinning. Some of them are limited editions that have become desirable in EBAY circles. Some of them are the most hideous of design. Some are so dated as to be comical. And I love them all.

Next up is an inventory of my dollhouse books. It may be even worse.


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LKP said...

At least the book addiction is harmless. The only harm might be in the frustration of which projects to start next.