Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Here a Smirk, There a Smirk

I usually leave the political beat to brother David, who does it so much better than I do. Everyone who knows me knows that I lean toward the Democrats, though I admit that I've voted for a Republican here and there through the years. Not lately, but it has happened.

Republicans be warned. You may want to leave now.

The thing is, up until recently I really didn't have anything against McCain except that he is a Republican, which automatically makes him suspect in my book. Other than that, I felt he was relatively ok. But now? Is is just me or has he developed a clone of that self-satisfied smirk that has danced across W's face the last 8 years?

Ever since McCain tied up the Republican nomination, I've been noticing a change. There's that smirk. And now, when he opens his mouth, out comes Republican double talk. God forbid he should give a straight answer until it's been blessed by the Republican power machine in the background. I would much rather have heard him give a straight answer on the number of houses he owns than have him duck and run until he could come up with the "correct" answer. Give me a break.

Initially I was pleasantly surprised and a lot amused at his choice of a running mate. On the one hand I figured there were a lot of Republicans out there who were having to see their orthodontists to get their jaws put back into place. My first thought was that wow, we are going to make history regardless of who wins in November and this is a good thing.

But, as time goes on and we learn more about this gal, I feel like McCain has pulled a Cheney and shot himself in the foot. If he had picked Kay Bailey Hutchinson or another high-profile Republican woman (I admit I don't keep up with who's who, so Kay is the only one I can dredge up at the moment), then it would have been a good move on his part. But Palin strikes me as the type of woman that women will hate and that will scare the pants right off the men. I didn't know one thing about her before the announcement and I don't care what her kids are up to and I still have formed a negative opinion of her because she has the smirk.

What is it with the Republican smirk? You put them up on the political pedestal and it snaps right into place. Maybe it's that smirk that causes everything that spills out of their collective mouth to sound like they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them.

Off the soap box and handing the political baton back to brother.



dwilcoxen said...

Hey, I leave town for a few days and you take over my beat. Fine. Well done.

RMG said...

Oh well, guess we have to pick the lesser of two evils.....either way, Bush is gone. One point for least McCain is a vet......which I believe should be a requirement to be running for our highest office. How can anyone be qualified to put troops in harms way unless they've been there themselves? Look at the truly greats...Washington, Lincoln......veterans.