Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Have This to Say About That

Warning: I am way tired this week and up to my eyeballs with bureaucratic bull poop, so I'm stepping back up on the political soapbox.

Let me get this straight. When the Democrats last held the White House we ended up with a treasury surplus if I remember right. We weren't involved in a senseless war. We didn't have a systematic attempt by the top cats to feed their own bank accounts at the expense of the little guy who was barely able to make his house payment and put food on the table. The Republicans felt threatened by this.

So, we now have a HUMONGOUS economic problem. We lost several thousands of our young men and women in a war that should never have been started in the first place, with no end in sight. We hear every day how somebody used their office to lie and steal from the little guy or to screw the environment or render our elderly unable to afford necessary medication or medical care.

So how is it nobody is saying the obvious? It's the current administration that got us here. Why should we believe that anything will be different 4 years from now unless we completely disable the political machine that is behind it?

Not to mention the absolute drivel that is dribbling out the mouths of the McCain/Palin ticket?

For heaven's sake, isn't it bloody obvious what needs to happen? Throw the lying fat cats out of Washington and at least give us a chance to begin to fix what they've screwed up in such an incredibly short period of time.

The Republicans are terrified what will happen if the Democrats get back in power. But I ask you - how could it possibly be any worse than what we've got right now?

Don't answer that. I don't want to think about the possibility.


P.S. Step 2? Turn lobbying into a prosecutable offense.

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R M G said...

Maybe we need a working-class president for a change?