Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We're Better Off...I Think

I have long refused to purchase those fancy retractable leashes because I felt like they were over-priced. However, I gave in today and bought two of them. I am hopeful that this will solve a problem I have with getting my armed pulled out of place. Coco, the little dog with ADD, insists on checking each mailbox we pass and I end up being yanked first left and then right. Every so often, just for fun, she gives a little lurch and scampers away from me to see if I will run with her. I've been concerned she's going to strangle herself.

A secondary issue we've been having is that one of the dogs always wants to walk close to me and the other one is hitting the end of the leash, creating a slack on one hand that I keep tripping on while trying to hang on to the other one. On the way out, it's Coco straining at the far end of the leash and Mojo trotting along at my side. Halfway out they reverse positions when Coco begins to tire and Mojo decides he want to be home NOW.

I am hopeful these new leashes will alleviate the problems. There's 16 feet of play in each of them. That should allow me to walk in the middle of the street while Coco dances back and forth on her mailbox inspections. If one wants to walk close, I can retract to a short length on one hand while extending the other hand to accomodate the other. It's got to be a win-win.


The warnings that come attached to these little beauties are truly frightening. If the cord wraps around your arm or leg, it can cause rope burns. If the cord wraps around your finger and your little darling suddenly takes off, you can amputate your finger. GOOD LORD, AMPUTATE?? If you don't use the attached "safety collar" in addition to the dog's regular collar and the hook comes loose and the cord snaps back, you can lose an eye.

I've seen children using these retractable leashes. I'm thinking there should be some legislation to cover these things. Where does Child Protective Services stand on this hideous issue?

I'm not at all sure I will sleep well tonight knowing how dangerous dog walking can be.



RMG said...

I wonder how big of a tangle you can make out of two 16 foot leashes...

LSW said...

It actually worked out fairly well, but I'm sure we will end up tying ourselves together at some point.