Friday, August 22, 2008

Vanity Thy Name is Dog

Anybody who says that dogs don't think has never had a dog. I actually read an article by somebody who claimed that dogs don't really know their names, but just learn to respond to a repetitive sound. What a dope.

My dogs know their own names, each other's names, the names of the cats, all the members in the family and who the squirrel is. (They are learning who the deer is.) When I tell them Uncle David is coming, they start watching at the window for his truck to head down the street.

Mojo has a game where he comes down the staircase to just the point where he can peek down into the family room and watch what's going on without any one knowing he's there. Dumb animal? I think not.

Today I bought the two of them new collars. Normally they are very touchy when I remove their collars because they think it's a prelude to a bath. Tonight they caught on immediately that I was transferring their tags to new collars. You should have seen the preening and cavorting that went on when they were re-dressed. It was obvious they thought they were hot stuff.

Dumb? No. Spoiled? Yes.

And smart.


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