Saturday, August 02, 2008

Up Early

This morning I surprised the dogs with an early morning walk for a change. I normally let myself sleep in a bit on the weekends (which is usually 7am), but this morning I was wide awake at 6:30. I decided rather than stand and watch the dogs ramble slowly around the yard sniffing for armadillos, I would put them on the leash and take a walk. They didn't know quite what to make of it.

I discovered a lot of early Saturday morning life in the neighborhood. Aside from the timed sprinklers firing off right and left. Nothing like a sudden hiss at the level of your ankle to chase the sleep away.

There were other walkers out already, getting their morning constitutional before the sun is fully up. The neighbors around the corner who hang out in their garage were already up watching tv in their garage. (I truly cannot figure those people.) Lots of lights on and breakfast cooking. In fact, there were more signs of life at 6:3o than there were dark houses where folks were sleeping in.

Another TGIS. The good news is that I caught up with the mountain of work before I left the office yesterday. There are only two files waiting to be tackled on Monday morning. I have hopes that the worst of the July/August mailing season has passed. Our missing personnel will be back in action next week which will relieve the pressure even more.

Today will be spent responding to my muses. Perhaps reading, perhaps genealogy, perhaps dollhouses, perhaps napping. No ominous glow of work undone emanating from my briefcase. Perhaps peace and quiet.


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