Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Splitting My Personality

The new blog is up and ready to receive visitors. Currently going by the handle Building Blocks. You can find a link to it in the left column. It is still in a development mode, so changes in style and direction can be expected from day to day until I get settled in. All these new options that have been added to the Blogger environment are just too tempting and I keep adding things in and taking things out. I adore the new slideshow option and I hope you like it too.

Some of the initial posts to Building Blocks may sound a bit familiar if you are on the mailing list for Family Reunion. I want to resurrect a few sketches I wrote in years past for the newsletter, adding a bit of polish and new details that have surfaced since they appeared there. This will also give me a chance to begin building sketches for my paternal ancestors on the Wilcoxen side. The greater Wilcoxen clan is so scattered that a newsletter format just never fit the situation. Now I have a way to rectify that omission and get their stories told.

I'm excited to have a new playground. It's been a great distraction to take my mind off this terrible heat wave. My neighbor stopped me yesterday to tell me he had been playing golf in 106 degree heat. I don't know which was more appalling - the number or the fact that he was idiot enough to be out playing golf in that kind of environment. I think playing golf is idiocy in any environment, but at 106 degrees it's insane. I'm barely poking my nose out the door these days.

Perfect weather for blogging.


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