Monday, August 04, 2008

In the Red and Seeing Red

No, I'm not bankrupt and no, I'm not mad.

I am, however, seeing shades of red everywhere. It appears that I have crossed over into old-ladydom in another way. My favorite color has become red.

You've seen the new red glider.

I've ordered a red car.

In the past two years I have purchased a red loveseat, a red easy chair, red sheets, reupholstered 4 chairs and a bench with new red fabric, taken to wearing red lipstick and, on the rare occasions that I do my nails, red fingernail polish.

Is it just me or does everyone's closet periodically shift color? A few years back I would look in the closet and see shades of beige. Then a period came along when I would look in the closet and there would be not a speck of beige but instead a sea of navy. For a brief period I was in love with shades of teal. I've never had a yellow phase, but only because I'm convinced I look jaundiced when I wear yellow.

Now every third hanger is holding something red. I'm considering hanging drapes at long last and I am being pulled toward deep red. I have my eyes on a bedroom ensemble of red and gold.

And yet, when I'm asked what my favorite color is, I hem and haw. I think I could safely answer that it's red. At least for now.

Getting back to business, you may have noticed some subtle changes in the blog. I've upgraded to a newer version of the software and have some new toys at my disposal. I've created my new blog, which will be a genealogy related blog, and it should be up and running in the near future. I'm still tweaking it a bit. Surprisingly, I chose colors that have nothing to do with red. I've chosen shades of gray and blue, which I hope is not an indication that my love affair with red is on the way out. I'm still about 6-9 months away from taking delivery of the car.


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