Saturday, July 19, 2008

With Age Comes Stupidity

Words to the wise: anytime someone asks if you want to take delivery of a thing assembled or unassembled, once you’ve passed the age of 50 you should always say assembled. Especially in Texas in mid July.

Despite that bone-headed error on my part, the glider is ¾ assembled and I’ve decided to do the last bit later on today or early in the morning when it’s not quite so hot. I am drenched, or glowing as they would say in the old South. And I have a cut on one finger where I slipped and caught the edge of one of the seats. I discovered that in the very first step I used the wrong washers so that now I’m at the very last step I don’t have the right washers. Fortunately I have a supply of assorted metal bits and pieces in the garage and scrounged enough washers to finish the job.

The glider that I had to have because Grandma had one.

All that's left to do.

I will have to say that the glider is well fabricated. If I manage to actually finish this thing (and I strongly suspect that it may be necessary to have a second pair of hands at the end; we shall see), I don't think there's much doubt that it will be a sturdy little thing. Once you figure out which way the "long cross member" (sounds dirty, doesn't it?) is to be attached and that the picture of the frame assembly is upside down from the way the thing will be when you attach it to the chair assembly, everything fits snug and tight and is properly supported. I think I shall enjoy it. Along about October. Right now, it's just too dang hot.


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