Saturday, July 26, 2008


I was almost afraid Saturday would not get here, but at last. This was a killer week at work, with a flurry of difficult data files arriving. One of my fellow programmer/analysts and I agreed that we are electronic sanitation engineers. Just call me Norton (as in The Honeymooners, not the virus software.)

I refuse to work this weekend. The dogs and I are committed to two days of sloth. We intend to nestle down in a comfy chair after awhile and watch retro-television, read, and maybe work on a little family history.

First on their agenda was a war of the wills with the resident squirrel. He/she was frolicking below the deck this morning, teasing them.

He/she thinks he/she is clever and cute.

I think this is the lady friend. Our normal tormentor is larger. I have a sinking feeling that I will be dealing with a whole family group in a few months.

Gotta run. RTN has added Wagon Train to the weekend lineup. Wagons, ho!



RMG said...

You gotta get a squirrel feeder and a sack of deer corn! If she's expecting, we wouldn't want her to be hungry! Can't have skinny squirrels running around your place, what would the neighbors say?!?

MsLucySue said...

Ah, but I do. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a big sack of squirrel food and resurrected two old bird feeders and set up a squirrel feed station in the front yard. They've cleaned it out in no time flat and I haven't had a chance to get back to the store, so they've returned to the bird feeders. I think they enjoy tormenting the dogs as much as they enjoy robbing the bird food.