Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Something Fishy Going On

Any Agatha Christie fans out there? Remember the book Ten Little Indians (aka And Then There Were None)?

Remember playing Clue? Colonel Mustard in the Library with a lead pipe?

Moe is missing. No trace of him at all. Colonel Eeny Mustard, Miss Meeny Scarlett and Professor Miney Plum say they have no idea what happened to him. There are mysterious implements of destruction in the vicinity: a candlestick, a gun, a rope, a wrench, a lead pipe, a knife.

I suspect foul play. Yes, he was looking ill the last time I saw him. Perhaps poison? But there should be a body. Nothing. No curious disturbance in the gravel to indicate a covert burial.

The lid to the aquarium was undisturbed, so I feel that the cats are, for once in their evil lives, innocent.

I may have to call in Scotland Yard.


1 comment:

RMG said...

Houdini the fish! He's living in your toilet tank!