Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Today was a productive one on many levels. I finally got a new set of tires and can now relax my stomach muscles a bit when I hit 70 mph. I don't know if all Goodrich tires are as good as the set that I just relinquished, but anytime you get 99,000 miles on a set of tires and the tread still looks new, I think you can say you got your money's worth.

While my vehicle was in the shop, I asked them to take a look at a balky window that sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. Turned out I needed a new motor for that particular window and I was still within my extended warranty by 800 miles.

Since someone slipped up and forgot to get the tires in early and because I had a piece of warranty work involved, I was allowed a rental car for the day. That allowed me to run some errands, get back to the house and get in a full day's work instead of cooling my heels in the waiting room, and hop over to Smithville to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch.

The food, as always, was yummy. The service stank for no perceptible reason, but since I've seldom had problems there, I decided to let it go with a simple glower or two.

My day's work involved watching programs crunch data for one of our largest clients, which left me with some pockets of time while waiting that allowed me to begin sifting through the folders that came out of the file cabinet a couple of weeks ago. I've still got a bit of a mess there, but I've managed to sort about 3/4 of it into workable segments and I don't feel quite so overwhelmed by the little mountain of paper in the corner.

On the down side, I had help from two very meddlesome cats. My own personal pair of albatross. Albatrosses? Albatrossi? Hmm.

In closing, here is a spur of the moment Ode to a Mexican Restaurant:

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
I love thee for the perfect blend of
tomatoey salsa with just the right heat.
I love thee for the crispy, salty tortilla chips.
I love thee for the guacamole.
My heart jumps when I perceive the
perfect blend of enchilada, taco, refried beans and rice
arranged in splendor on the hot platter.
It is only surpassed by the sizzling fajitas that
are my second favorite.
Thy gooey cheese fills my soul with joy.
May we always walk together
til the end of time.
Calories be damned.


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