Friday, July 04, 2008

Liberation, One Mess at a Time

I'd been promising myself for two weeks that I would take it easy on July 4th and enjoy a long weekend. June was unusually busy, weekend-wise, and I'm beginning to drag my tail.

But, when this morning rolled around, I had this sudden itch to investigate what kind of mess awaited me in the storage shed. You see, I ordered a car this week. Delivery will be several months away, but I know how time flies and that commitment has started a domino effect. I intend to keep my Explorer for awhile since I can't get a decent trade in for it and when the Prius arrives, I'm going to need both sides of the garage for car. The half that is full of junk has got to be cleaned up between now and then.

The garage cleaning has been an ongoing process for some time now and I have most everything I intend to keep in boxes or bins for storage. The boxes and bins need to find a new home, which I hope will be the 8'x10' storage shed out back that has been holding 90% junk for 8 years now.

So this morning I entered phase 1 of the storage shed clean up. In two hours I filled 3 garbage cans and sorted out at least two loads of things to be taken to the thrift store.

The pile for the thrift store.

The trash.

There's still a lot of stuff in the keep category that has to be dealt with, but there has been a great improvement in the shed. I've made a giant step forward in the goal of having a functional two-car garage.

Speaking of garages, the kids and I have been spying on our neighbors while we take our evening walks. There seems to be three philosophies about garages. There are the neighbors down the street who have a garage so neat and clean you could serve dinner out there. (I hate them.) Then there are the neighbors who never, ever put their cars in the garage because there is not one inch of room available due to all the junk they are storing. (At least they make me feel better about my own situation. I can park my car inside every night and my junk is semi-organized.) Then there are the neighbors who use the garage as a den. There's a family around the corner who are always sprawled in their garage, watching tv, with the garage door open and surrounded by stacks and piles of either junk or the necessities of relaxation. This was interesting when it was spring time and I figured they were enjoying the fresh air. But they are still at it in July when it's hot as bloody hell out there. All I can figure is their house is so full of junk they've had to move out.

There's one house that falls into its own category. They have built a false wall about 3 feet inside the garage. I'm guessing they have created a workshop or a utility room or a sewing room or something out of 3/4 of their garage. The remaining 3 feet is full of junk. All I can say is, it's going to be a job to sell that one when the time comes. Of course, you might still be able to get a SmartCar in that much space.

It always feels good to clear out another pile of clutter. Emotionally, that is. Physically I feel like I'm 75 years old. I've got to get all this junk dealt with soon before I get any older. My body is beginning to make snide and nasty comments and I'm beginning to fear severe retribution for my recent activities.

Tomorrow I will take it easy. After I cart all that load to the thrift store, that is.


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