Saturday, July 19, 2008

Catching Up

This has been a week and a half. The usual July work crunch was made worse by a cluster of difficult data files that came in and caused confusion, consternation and considerable aggravation. The timing could not have been worse since I had a mid-week mini-escape on the schedule.

But the trip to see John Edward and spend the night in a hotel in Austin was the one highlight of the week and went off without a hitch. Regardless of whether or not you buy into his psychic ability (I do), he always provides 2 hours of good entertainment. The group that attended was in harmony, John gave a dozen interesting readings, and the 2 hours zipped by. This was our second time to attend one of his group readings and I'm thinking it will probably not be our last.

Unfortunately, the next day brought me back to reality with a thud and the remainder of the week was an exercise in trying to keep my head above the rising tide of incoming data files. I hate July almost as much as I hate May.

There were a few other diversions during the course of the week. An idle search at Footnote brought to light a Frankum family connection who filed an application with the Dawes Commission in 1902 in an attempt to gain official membership in the Mississippi Choctaw tribe. The application was ultimately rejected due to lack of documentary evidence, but the application provided a good deal of information on this family that I did not have. Plus, I was able to forward the information on to a descendant of the line. I do enjoy random acts of genealogical kindness, both giving and receiving. It helped offset the week's drudgery.

Yesterday I made a stop by Petsmart and added another albino Cory catfish (Bob went to the great aquarium in the sky awhile back) and an algae eater (whose official name I cannot remember) to my little aquarium. They've added a lot of movement and interest to the little colony. Eeny, Meeny & Miney seem to like having the extra company. The catfish will henceforth be known as Inspector Lestrade. I'm considering Inspector Clouseau for the algae eater. He gives the impression of not being all there. They have been performing forensic investigations, but still no word on the disappearance of Moe.

In other news, we have a deer who is coming regularly in the late evening for a drink out of the bird baths in the front yard. Coco has been itching to chase him. One evening this week, returning from our walk, we were almost upon him before we realized he was there. Two little dogs almost turned inside out.

Today we intend to make a stab at assembling our new retro-glider. Stand by. This could be a success or a fiasco. Mojo intends to be the supervisor. 'Nuff said.



RMG said...

Is it a Plecostomus?

MsLucySue said...

No, I could only remember that it started with "oto" and a little googling found him. He's an otocinclus and he's a busy little bee, gobbling up the algae.