Friday, June 27, 2008

Things are Quiet

This week has just zoomed by. The last week before the next deluge of work and it's gone with the wind. The high points of the week:

1) Lunch with old friend Marianna and catching up on things in each other's lives.

2) Lunch with friend Lana and a trip to a collectors' mall in Georgetown where I spotted a retro metal porch glider much like the one that belonged to my grandparents when I was a little girl. (I put my name on a list to be notified when they had enough folks signed up to make a minimum order. I hope to have a bright red glider on my porch soon.)

3) Learning of the death of a lady who was the old-timer at the law office when I came on board 32 years ago. This was the third loss of a present or former co-worker in about 6 months. I guess I'm getting old.

4) Watching my Siamese Beta Fighting Fish weaken and die over a two-day period. I wasn't emotionally attached, but I miss that flash of color on the end of the kitchen cabinet. I just may have to get a couple of goldfish or a half-dozen neon tetras and start over with my tiny aquarium.

5) Spending today's lunch hour (and a half) prowling the Round Rock Antique Mall. Next to book stores, I dearly love to wander in a quiet antique store. I managed to get out for under $21, which was remarkable.

6) Cautiously watching a sore jaw and hoping against hope that it doesn't turn out to be an impending toothache. So far, so good.

7) Recovering an antique chair in a deep red fabric to match the color palette in my newly redecorated office. (I am greatly enjoying my new office arrangment. That is, when I'm not running cats off. They are highly suspicious of any change in their environment and have been making extensive explorations into every nook and cranny. My every moment in the office has a background of rustle, rustle, thump, crash.)

8) Repainting and recovering an antique wrought iron bench that has been in dire need of repair. Thanks to a co-worker, the repair work was done and the bench is almost ready to go back into service.

Now that I think about it, maybe it wasn't such a quiet week after all. I have errands to run on Saturday and residual clutter from the started cleaning of my bathroom to deal with, but come Sunday I plan to sit in my study and work on my family notebooks. And maybe work in a nap on the chaise with my best two helpers.

And, of course, do some cat chasing.


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