Monday, June 30, 2008

Pure Texas

A few weeks back I spotted a pasture full of horned cattle, including some babies, not far from downtown Round Rock. I wanted to get photos, but there was no place to pull off the divided road. And it seemed like every time I was dressed in shoes that would have allowed me to hike down to the spot, the cows were elsewhere. They only turned up in that pasture on the days I was in heels.

A few days ago I noticed the same kind of cattle were now grazing in a different pasture a little closer to the office and in a spot that was a little more accessible, so I've been keeping an eye out. Today was the day. As I approached the field, about a dozen of the beauties were right up next to the fence and just across the road from a cross street where I could park.

It turned out these guys are as skittish as Mojo. They were watching me from the instant I stepped out of the car across the road. The first step I took their direction, they turned around and headed for the other side of the pasture. I slowed down and wandered over at a leisurely pace and they stopped, turned, and started checking me out.

These guys looked like they were doing a Robert DeNiro imitation. "Are you talking to me?"

This reminded me of a Longhorn defensive line. Or, maybe the OK Corral with these guys in the roles of either the Clanton gang or the Earps. "Draw!"

Finally, I wish this Mother and her baby had been in a better spot. He had been having a great time bellying up to the bar when I first spotted him. When I got out of the car, Momma cow gave him a rude shove and headed for cover. The minute she stopped, however, he was attached again.

I have a real affinity for cattle. According to psychic Sylvia Browne, everyone has an animal totem. I think mine must be a spotted cow.


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