Wednesday, June 04, 2008

On Being Texan, Continued

A couple of recent finds at Half-Price Books have also reminded me of some of the nice things about being Texan. One was an audiobook, The Tao of Willie, part memoir and part wisdom of our own Willie Nelson. Too bad we can't get Willie into the governor's office. It would be a great improvement.

One of the little gems in his book was a quotation at the beginning of a chapter. It was new to me, but probably not to folks older than me who had the privilege of listening to Will Rogers on the radio back in the old days. "Never miss a good chance to shut up". Amen.

Yesterday I found a Lyle Lovett CD I didn't have and the first cut is worth the price. It deals with a man who has observed someone coveting his precious possession. The response? "Take the girl, but don't touch my hat". Good Texas swing music and a great message. What more could you ask?

Well, a good plate of Tex-Mex. Just got back from a truly awesome lunch at La Cabana. I am in a blissful state of mind.


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RMG said...

Why stop there? "Willie for President!"