Friday, June 06, 2008


Despite my best intentions, I just can't resist dragging in more clutter.

I'm beginning work on a miniature version of "The Swamp" from my favorite television show of all time, M*A*S*H. I'm having to revert to my early days of dollhouse construction, because there just aren't that many military items readily available in 1/12th scale. It's back to looking at full-sized items that can be substituted for the proper effect.

For instance, I spent about a week puzzling over how I was going to recreate the oil-drum heater that sits in the middle. All the miniature barrels I could locate were not big enough. Hobby Lobby has a good supply of wood craft, but nothing that could be pressed into service. I finally came to the conclusion that I needed a tin can that was skinny, taller than single serving and shorter than a standard 303 can. A juice can maybe, but not quite. When I was preparing supper last night, I discovered the perfect thing in the pantry - a tomato paste can. I just have to come up with something to cook that requires tomato paste so I can empty that can.

Now I'm puzzling over footlockers. I just need them to sit there, not to be open, so I'm thinking some kind of wood block painted olive drab. Again, Hobby Lobby failed me and I decided to check Michael's today at lunch.

That's where I made my mistake. Michael's doesn't have anything that would work for footlockers either, but I lost it in the paint aisle. There are two paints that I just love and can never find when I need them. One is designed to create a stucco effect and makes great dollhouse floors and walls. The other is a stone texture you spray on that really does a great adobe imitation. A few years back Hobby Lobby quit carrying the stucco paint and I bought up everything they had left on the shelf when it hit clearance status. I can still find Fleck-Stone, but never in the color I want.

Michael's has the full range of both. I quickly grabbed a jar of the heirloom rose stucco, the paint I am using for the interior of my Mexican food restaurant and that I very nearly did not have enough to complete the job. (Now I can go back and do some touch-ups.) I grabbed a jar or two of other colors and then realized that all of it - the stucco, the Fleck-Stone, and another sandstone paint I'm a little partial to - was on clearance. Which means that just as I find a source, it may be about to dry up on me. I will be doing an inventory this weekend to find out just what I need and probably be back at Michael's sometime next week to stock up.

It's just hopeless. Even when I'm not really looking, I find stuff I can't help but buy and drag home.

I really need a bigger house.


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