Sunday, May 04, 2008

Stress Relief

This was truly a week to forget. Work stresses. Family stresses. Two funerals. Thank heavens for the tranquilizing effect of my two BFFs.

They have not gotten through the week unstressed themselves. A few days ago, Coco decided to smell something on our walk and I wasn't paying close attention. By the time either of us knew something was wrong, her leg was covered with fire ants. I scaped them off with my bare hands, but missed one between her toes and a few more yards down the road, we had to stop and dispatch him to the great ant heaven.

And poor Mojo. The first day or so after Mom returned from her trip was the midnight problem of the chirping smoke alarms. This week, while piled in bed and thinking he was safe, Mom was watching Lost and wouldn't you know one of the scenes involved a chirping smoke alarm. He was about ready to pack his bags and call Uncle David to come get him.

But this morning all is well. Mom finished the vacuuming (poor things don't know I plan to crank up the carpet shampooer after awhile) and they've had their sunbath on the deck. They are all ready to sprawl on the couch and nap the afternoon away.

Unfortunately, Mom has to work.

It's a dog's life.


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R M Ging said...

Hey, I heard about your weekend. Sorry to hear it. Hope things settle down a little for you. Don't worry, God's country will still be here next year! (ha ha) You'll have to drop in next year and visit...we live in Sweeny now. Go pet a terrier or two and take it easy!