Friday, April 25, 2008


To begin with, I said something to myself yesterday that I never dreamed I would. "If the next gas station has gas for $3.45 or less, I'll stop." I can't help but think back to the year I learned to drive. In 1972 my chariot was an 8-cylinder, police engine, Ford Galaxy. Gas was 33 cents a gallon and you could fill that monster up for $10. Oh for a time travel machine. I wouldn't mind driving that car again, either. It would reach 100 mph and feel like you were coasting along at 30 mph. We had no business with that much car, but it sure was fun to drive.

This morning I took the little boy to the doctor to get some input on his seizures. After blood work and a thorough check up, he has been declared in good health. Which means that he probably has epilepsy, which isn't all that unusual with little dogs. We are going to keep an eye on him for awhile, try to keep his stress level low, and see what happens before making any decisions on medication.

In better news, our doggie diet plan has been working and both Mojo and Coco have dropped weight. Coco is down a whopping pound and a half, which makes a noticeable difference when your total weight is 10 pounds. The doctor bragged on both of them and then did a little bragging on me, too. I told her we were all in this together and it was working.

Speaking of which, I was a little apprehensive when I got back and stepped on the scales for the first time. Before the trip I had been treated to several birthday lunches and forced to eat cake and peach cobbler. During the trip I indulged in a couple of sandwiches, a yeast roll here and there, and pancakes one morning. To my surprise, I was exactly what has become my new usual weight. Nice to be able to slide a little off the wagon now and then and not suffer for it too much.

Work was pleasantly low-key this first week back. It's the calm before the storm, because the dreadful workload that is May is looming just a few days down the road. But for now, we are enjoying the rare opportunity to breathe.

So, all is relatively well. Now if I can just put together a family newsletter this weekend that is due for distribution next weekend, I'll be in good shape.

I think I'm in trouble.

I think I'll be putting in some long days this weekend.


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