Sunday, April 27, 2008

Personal Best

I do not as a rule make a point of using coupons. I regularly pick up HEB coupons as I shop and they happen to be there handy, but so far as carrying along a fat wallet of coupons, I'm too lazy. It takes energy to keep them sorted where you can find what you need and to keep up with the expiration dates.

But I do leaf through the Sunday ads and keep an eye out for hefty coupons (over 50 cents) on items I plan to buy anyway before there's a chance the coupon will expire. Those I tuck in the pocket of my purse and use before the clutter begins to irritate.

So yesterday I had a nice little accumulated wad of coupons in my purse pocket as I headed to the grocery store for the first time in 3 weeks. I picked up HEB coupons as I shopped. When I got to the checkout, I knocked $16.71 off my bill. And I didn't buy anything that I would not have bought anyway.

That's almost enough to convince me I should be more conscientious about using coupons. Almost. I'm still awfully lazy.

But, once in awhile, it's worth the effort. That's like a whole 1/3 tank of gasoline for free.


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