Thursday, April 03, 2008

One Redeeming Quality

The red-tipped photina bushes in the back yard may be a monster pain in my back, but the one in the front yard is putting on quite a show right now. It has been allowed to grow tall and bushy in order to hide an unsightly telephone pole. I keep the under branches trimmed, but otherwise it pretty much does what it wants.

The bushes in the back yard barely bloom at all. I assume that my vigorous trimming is the cause of that. The one in front, however, is bursting with clusters of tiny white blossoms. There isn't much scent, but there's a lot of pretty going on.

Up close and personal, the little flowers are stunning.

In other news, all the seeds I scattered in the flower beds last year, hoping to get some bluebonnets started, have resulted in one lone bluebonnet in the yard. So gratifying to see the results of one's labor. Hopefully the little guy will spawn a few offspring next year.

I do love spring.


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