Sunday, March 09, 2008

Is It Just Me?

I can wax nostalgic with the best of them. Sometimes I can do it even better. Sentimental value is something I know a lot about, as anyone can tell if they look into my closets full of clutter.

But the latest fashions have me stumped. I was a teenager in the late 60s - early 70s and I experienced these fashions first hand. The peasant blouses, the empire waist blouses that hide a multitude of pudginess, the bell-bottom pants. The styles I can understand making a comeback.

But the fabrics! The "mod" geometrics look so dated. The colors are so not flattering to anybody. I don't remember the real thing being so - well, boring. We looked hip. Nowadays the folks that are actually spending their money on these tired looks look - tired.

I've seen a lot of fashion styles repeated at intervals and usually there is an attempt to make them look new, while capturing the essence of the period.

Are the designers just not getting it? Or are they lazy?

I guess until they get it out of their system I shall be buying solid, basic colors. Black, white, navy, red. No dull salmon, jade and chocolate melted ice cream look for this gal.

And while I'm musing, I have another "is it just me?". I support the Susan G. Komen foundation in their search for a cure for breast cancer. I like the color pink. But, for crying out loud, why did they pick the most hideous shade of pink for their signature color? It reminds me so much of Pepto Bismol and then my stomach hurts. A nice rose pink would have been fine. A pale, pastel pink would have been fine. Another boat missed.


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