Saturday, March 22, 2008

Color Me Ecstatic

My #1 most hated spring chore is done. I've been dreading it and it's over.

The red-tipped photina bushes that line both decks have had their yearly trim today. It's an exhausting job and I will probably not be able to move tomorrow.

But it's done.

I hate red-tipped photina bushes.

And what's worse, when they finally succumb and go to that great deck in the sky, their stumps turn into concrete pillars that have to be blasted out by munitions experts.

I think I shall celebrate with an amaretto and Sprite over ice.

But first I have to walk the dogs and clean the fish tank.

After that comes grilled steaks and a collapse on the chaise with my glass in my hand. Spring cleaning sucks, but there are rewards to be had.


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