Sunday, January 20, 2008

Degrees of Separation

In preparation for the spring genealogy field trip, I have been busily updating my family database with new information received from a cousin in Kentucky. He is busily documenting all the brothers and sisters of my great-great-great-great grandfather William Hodge and I've been so busy that I have fallen way behind in getting my own files updated.

I have put a lot of new folks into my database this past week. I just checked the status of my file and found that I now have a total of 11,208 relatives in my database. Many of those folks I am related to multiple times, thanks to intermarriages in many of the lines. Cousins marrying cousins in the Lentz, Hodge and Wilcoxen lines. A half-brother marrying a step-daughter in the Mason and McAfee lines. Sometimes it gets really difficult to make all the right connections in my Family TreeMaker program to get the relationships to line up correctly.

The longer I do this, the smaller the world seems and the less isolated I feel.

In other news, Mr. Mojo is back to normal, but still a little uneasy about what happened. He's sticking close to his Mommy. I think he's going to be fine by morning.


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