Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok, I'm a little old lady. Want proof?

First the background. When I find shoes I like, I am apt to buy them in several different colors. This is what I did a year or so ago when I not only found a good style of shoe at the Hush Puppies store, but they were running a fabulous sale at the time. I ended up with about 6 or 8 pair of dress shoes in various shades and various heel heights.

So a couple of days ago, I put on a pair of bone heels and decided that I would have to have a lower heel for the pants I was wearing that day. I reached into the closet and grabbed the same shoes, with lower heels, popped them on and off I went.

Fast forward to late in the day. When I was getting ready for bed, I picked up the shoes where I had kicked them off when I got home and discovered that I had worn two different shoes all day. Not only were they not the same color, they were different heel heights. They were both a shade of bone, but one was darker than the other. One had a 1-inch heel and one had a 1/2-inch heel. Not once all day had I realized that I was a half-inch shorter on one side.

I don't think anybody noticed my fashion faux pas, but I can tell you I had grave doubts about my mental capacity when I realized what I had done.

Just goes to show, you probably shouldn't buy your shoes in bulk.


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