Wednesday, December 26, 2007


When Mojo is displeased, there is no doubt about it. He sets up a howl, telling the whole world how he's been mistreated. This frequently happens if his Mom leaves the house and he thinks he should have gone along. He knows when I'm headed to work, which is permissible, and when I'm headed out to work in the yard, where he feels he should be allowed to accompany me. You can hear him expressing himself for several minutes and before long he has Coco crying along in sympathy.

Sometimes he can set up his caterwaul for the simple reason that I left the room and he wanted me to sit and hold him. He will get to howling so hard that when I return, he can't stop himself and will continue his mournful cry until I pick him up. It's not really separation anxiety, but rather a little temper fit when he feels he's been slighted.

(It's no use telling me he's spoiled; I know he's spoiled and I wouldn't have him any other way.)

Anyway, a couple of nights ago he woke the house around 2:00 a.m. with one of his howling fits. It turned out that he was sound asleep and having a bad dream. It wasn't easy to wake him from his nightmare and he was eager to cuddle close and be comforted and assured that he hadn't really been left behind.

It's not easy being a very little boy in a great big world. Of course, he's been a little miffed with me ever since, with the feeling that somehow I've done him a wrong.


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