Saturday, December 22, 2007


Way back in the dark ages, when I was a student at Mary Hardin-Baylor College circa 1975, I loved the walk across campus from Ruth Stribling dorm to Wells Science Hall. Especially in springtime, the sky would be a vivid blue and the clouds a blinding white. At times the clouds would be what I came to think of as "cotton clouds", because I was reminded of the effect you get when you take a batt of cotton and stretch it out. Everytime I see cotton clouds I flash back to good old MHB. Yesterday, as I left the massage therapist after a W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L 90-minutes massage, the sky greeted me with cotton clouds.

I was really floaty after that massage, so the sky seemed to be reaffirming that I should just enjoy floating through the remainder of the day.

Unfortunately I had to make a grocery run. That chore wasn't really so bad, considering I was completely zoned out. There were only two blights on the landscape. One was a hippie dude who kept intersecting my path and was seemingly oblivious that there was anyone else in the store. He would leave his cart directly in the center of the aisle, leaving no room to pass on either side, and then wander off in search of something - possibly hallucinogenic mushrooms. At one point he actually pushed his cart at an angle in front of me (as I was in motion, no less), abandoned it and meandered the opposite way. I was momentarily stunned, then muttered "oh, for crying out loud!", at which point his companion hastened up and moved the cart before I started playing demolition derby. They were lucky I was so out of it or there might have been blood in the aisle.

The second blight on my horizon was as I was unloading the groceries from the cart into my car. At some point either the clerk, or maybe it was me, mishandled the bottle of vinagrette salad dressing and the bottle shattered, soaking the entire sack of groceries with oily, fragrant goo. I gave the clerk the benefit of the doubt and bore the loss, picked the gooey bottle out of the sack and pitched it in a nearby trash container, but by that time the entire car reeked of vinagrette. I thought the mess was pretty well confined to one plastic bag, but this morning the car is still redolent of Italian herbs. Could be worse, I guess.

My cleaning lady did a bang up job yesterday and the house is thoroughly cleansed and I can be lazy without guilt for a day or two. I tested out the Christmas throw received from my friend and it was 100% rat terrier approved.

With very little to do today, except a small bit of cooking and gift wrapping, the three of us plan to float with the clouds as much as possible. The cats would like to join us, but Mojo has spoken and they are forbidden to share in the comfort. Day 2 of vacation is predicted to be a success.


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